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We believe that we will reach the whole of Ghana one orphanage at a time.


In Ghana, there are great socio-economic differences and hardships in the society. Under privileged children and children in orphanages are the most vulnerable group in our society suffering the most from these social hardships.

The children living in orphanages come from a background of loss and hardship.  KidCity believes that giving these children a bright future should be a collective goal in the society.  Here lies the motivation to initiate our Survey of Needs Project.  This project was initiated and designed to assess the needs of children in orphanages in Ghana, to provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the workings of the orphanages and to effectively and strategically meet the needs of these children. We advocate support locally and internationally on behalf of our partnered orphanages to improve conditions and to give the children an opportunity to learn and grow.

Our Survey of Needs classifies the various needs under the following headings: PROTECTION, SURVIVIAL and DEVELOPMENT, as per the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children.

With the right partners, sponsors and volunteers we are optimistic that the impact we make in the lives of these children will be long lasting; one which will provide them with the opportunities to help realize our mission to see well-adjusted, stronger and happier children who grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens.

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